The Laine Family | {Sweet Jacqueline}

Seven years ago this month, B & I flew in from Tennessee to look for apartments in Houston right after we got engaged. Mackenzie carted us all over town to find the perfect place! She has been our "Houston Home Finder" ever since! Realtors are very special people, but Mackenzie is top notch, always going above and beyond. 

It was so special to photograph her family, especially sweet Jacqueline, who is close in age to my Warner. 

Look at this precious giggle box! I just love this crew. Thanks for the fun time, Laine family!

The Wexler Girls | Dress Up Session

There's something so special about photographing clients in their own homes. This particular session was so precious to me. Kimberly had decided to donate her wedding gown to Angel Gowns (more on that in a minute), and wanted to capture her sweet daughters playing dress-up in it. 

These girls had so. much. fun. They were real-life princesses and their excitement brought tears to my eyes!


Even teeny tiny Hazel got to "wear" the gown. 

Now, on the topic of Angel Gowns: this amazing program transforms wedding gowns into beautiful dresses & pouches for babies who don't get to stay on this earth. Stillborn infants & preemies who pass soon after birth are the most common groups served. By the Lord's amazing sovereignty, I have recently started making some items to give to Angel Gowns and mentioned this as the session began. Kimberly was able to pass her gown directly to me and cut out the shipping, etc. This made the day especially meaningful for both of us. It was such a joy to work with the Wexlers!

Do you or someone you know need an Angel Gown? You can contact me directly if in Houston or request one here.

Baby Heard is One!

Something about First Birthdays gets me teary-eyed. Maybe it's because my youngest just turned one, or possibly because it's one of the biggest milestones parents themselves achieve. 

The Heards are wrapping up their time in Houston and celebrating their sweet girl's first and last birthday in their current home: bittersweet! 

Look at all the pink! Mom Marina did an awesome job putting together such beautiful details.


Baby girl had her first taste of cake... the jury is still out on whether it's going to become a favorite. She was quite unsure!

I'm telling you, this girl is going to get away with so much... look at this grin! Happy Birthday!

The Fry Family | One is 2 and One's on the way!

I had such a great time photographing the Fry family. Cora (who shares my daughter's name)  just turned two, and capturing her spunky personality was so much fun! She is just a little firecracker and my Cora sure loves her. Look at how precious she is!

Breanna has become a good friend through our mom's group at church. She is from Colorado, so we commiserate about the heat of Houston together. She and Johnny are expecting baby #2 in the fall, and I'm so thrilled for them! Check out this cute bump!

As always, Fry family, it was a joy to see you. 

Baby Aaron | Lifestyle Newborn Session

It's baby season; in the past month I've photographed more newborns and births than over the past six months combined! 

While I honestly do enjoy every tiny new squish, I am particularly in love with baby Aaron. I was privileged to take Ann's maternity photos a few months ago, so seeing a family's loving expectation come to fruition is such a blessing. 

Motherhood is so beautiful. Look how stunning mama is with her new love!

Daddy is just as enamored with sweet baby A as well. 

Although new sister Elise was not as keen to be photographed, she didn't mind snuggling up for some stories with mom. I know these two are going to be fast friends; she's such an angel and I know her brother will love her. 

I can't leave you without a couple of close-ups of this brand new, adorable sweetheart!

Flynn Girls | Mommy-Daughter Session

There is something special about the bond a mother shares with her daughters. Jill & her precious girls are such a great example of how special this relationship can be. 

There are so many things I loved about this session. First off, these outfits are just heavenly. I love the pastels and the feminine, flowy tulle. 

My favorite part of this session, though, was the way Jill's daughter's look at her. 

Martina McBride says it best:

In my daughter’s eyes I am a hero
I am strong and wise and I know no fear...

These gorgeous sisters love each other; it's hard not to be smitten with them both. The Flynns are adorable!



Bluebonnets | Mini Session Series 2016

Before I became a Texan, I'd only heard of bluebonnets. I certainly didn't know the way they'd intrigue and draw me as a photographer. For the past 5 years, I've been doing mini sessions in the gorgeous blue flowers every spring. I so look forward to it! 

Here are some of my favorite shots from this year's round of shoots!


This year, I opened up booking in January, and everything was full within 24 hours! I had a wait list over 30 people long!!! Unfortunately, though, bluebonnets don't last... their peak season is only 3 weeks long, so it's very difficult to get everyone in! If you missed out this year, don't forget to join the mailing list to be updated about upcoming mini session dates!

Baby Caleb | Lifestyle Newborn Session

Can I just start by saying how much I love babies? They're tiny, incredible, precious little gifts from the Lord. "All God's grace in one little face."

Darling Caleb is such an angel and hardly made a peep while I was there! He is so snuggly and cuddly. His mama & daddy are so in love with him.

While dear little C was cute all over, I was especially swooning over these tiny toes. Crazy to think how God will grow this baby into a courageous man one day! Still blows my mind to remember we were all this tiny at one point.

Enjoy your new true love, Shool family!

Baby Lucas | Lifestyle Newborn Session

Back in January, I shared some gorgeous images of the Fox Family as they were awaiting their newest arrival. Now, sweet and tiny Lucas is here! He has the most perfect little nose, precious itty bitty ears, and gentle disposition. Beth, Dan, and Noah are so in love with him, and I can see why!

Noah is taking the role of big brother seriously and lavished him with attention while I was there.

Mom & Dad seemed to be adjusting quite well. Beth looks fabulous (as always) and it was obvious that they transitioned from one to two children seamlessly.

Aren't you just smitten with this new family of four?? *Sigh*....

Marcos Family | A Heart for Christ

Although I love all of my clients, it's really pretty rare that I get to photograph a group of people who are all doing things I feel so strongly about.

In December, I was blessed to photograph a family FULL of those using their talents for the Lord. They are absolutely being great stewards of their time and the gifts they were given.

Jesse & Tricia Marcos serve in Bologna, Italy as missionaries for CRU (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ). They pray for, minister to, and disciple young adults in an area of the world where false faith runs rampant. Not only do they seek out new believers, but they also shepherd CRU long-term missionaries placed in Europe. Their invaluable work equips Italians to lead a movement of Christ-followers within their own country.

 Tricia & Jesse Marcos, CRU Missionaries in Bologna, Italy

Tricia & Jesse Marcos, CRU Missionaries in Bologna, Italy

Their incredible faith has left an impact on their children. Their son, Brett, and his wife Kim serve as stateside missionaries/ staff at CRU at LSU. Their primary role is to show Christ to the students of LSU, challenging them to grow their faith and to share the Gospel with their peers.

 Brett & Kim Marcos, CRU LSU staff

Brett & Kim Marcos, CRU LSU staff

Brett is not the only Marcos child to follow in his parents' faithful footsteps. Daughters Julia & Jessica are both pursuing careers with an impact for Christ as well. Julia is working on her MA in Biblical studies at Dallas Theological Seminary (where she is also employed), and Jessica [Meyers] is the Missions Coordinator at Christ Community Church of Houston. My daughter and Jessica's are best friends, and our husbands both work in the oil industry, so we have been great friends for quite some time!

 Jessica Marcos Meyers, C3Houston Missions Coordinator, and daughter Madeline

Jessica Marcos Meyers, C3Houston Missions Coordinator, and daughter Madeline

I had such a wonderful time photographing a huge clan of Christ-lovers and Gospel sharers. Look how beautiful this family is!

 Marcos Family

Marcos Family

For questions about how YOU can contribute to missions at Christ Community Church or CRU, please email me!

Fox Family | Maternity + Family Session

I have gotten to know sweet Beth through the Moms' playgroup I head up at our church, so it was especially exciting to do this precious maternity session! It was a bit chilly, but that didn't stop us from capturing some great memories. 

Beth and her family are so much fun to be around! The way they love Jesus radiates in their smiles, their laughter, and the joy they share just being together!


There's nothing quite like the bond between a boy and his daddy... soon Dan will have another little son to cherish! I can't wait to see how he and Noah interact. 

Beth looks so wonderful! Hard to believe she's due in just a few weeks... we walked quite a ways at the session and she had not one complaint!

Beth is so gorgeous! Pregnancy suits you, girl!

I so can't wait to photograph sweet little baby L in a few weeks! 

Taylor Family | Winter Family Session

I had the privilege of photographing this sweet family on one of the most perfect days Houston has seen all year: cool temps and mildly overcast! After several reschedules due to a muggy, rainy couple of months, we were able to head out and capture some absolutely precious moments. 


Let's start with cute baby W... check out this grin! How can you not just eat him up?!?!

Special moments and high-fives shared with dad will be forever cherished... love getting images like this. 

Lastly, here's a real-life shot of the whole fam... they are such a tight-knit little bunch and it shows in the way they giggled the whole session! This was an especially easy session for me: a gregarious toddler and laid-back mom & dad. Thanks for the fun time, Taylors!