The Wexler Girls | Dress Up Session

There's something so special about photographing clients in their own homes. This particular session was so precious to me. Kimberly had decided to donate her wedding gown to Angel Gowns (more on that in a minute), and wanted to capture her sweet daughters playing dress-up in it. 

These girls had so. much. fun. They were real-life princesses and their excitement brought tears to my eyes!


Even teeny tiny Hazel got to "wear" the gown. 

Now, on the topic of Angel Gowns: this amazing program transforms wedding gowns into beautiful dresses & pouches for babies who don't get to stay on this earth. Stillborn infants & preemies who pass soon after birth are the most common groups served. By the Lord's amazing sovereignty, I have recently started making some items to give to Angel Gowns and mentioned this as the session began. Kimberly was able to pass her gown directly to me and cut out the shipping, etc. This made the day especially meaningful for both of us. It was such a joy to work with the Wexlers!

Do you or someone you know need an Angel Gown? You can contact me directly if in Houston or request one here.